Artsy Burger, Ordinary Price. 


Burgers, originated from an idea of ‘eating everything at once’, has somehow turned into a must-have menu on anything that’s considered Fast Food, and now, it is unavoidable in our daily meals, be it an actual lunch or a craved-supper.


A fluffy bun buttered and grilled, paired with succulent and warm patties, as well as crispy vegetables and perhaps even onion rings, along with slices of cheese and some specialty sauces to top it for perfection; each and every aspect of it is not to be missed, and in Gokil Burger, you can have it all! 


Gokil Burger specialises in localized burgers and will definitely give you a local taste (and also affordable price) that you won’t get in a chain fast food store for sure. If you are a person who is well-versed in Klang Valley hotspots, thei menu will definite catch your attention as they had named each and every burgers with well-known streets and districts, paired with recognizable ingredients used within the burger, to create some ‘puns’ to spice up their ‘buns’.


Opened right before MCO, Gokil Burger had taken a blow as the no-dine-in restrictions were imposed, but that did not dampen their heart to serve the best localized burger. Gokil Burger took the opportunity to study and found out the golden formulae to create their burgers for deliveries and takeaways, so that, even when it’s not immediately munched after being freshly grilled, Gokil Burger still serves a Burger that is ‘Golden’ even in long journey of delivery and pickups.


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