Authenticity at its finest quality


Challenges are posed upon all eateries as the pandemic lingers; from rentals to employee’s salary to food material expenses, each criteria becomes a hurdle as the days go by. As an atmospheric dessert shop that was initially aimed to have little groups of customers for some hangout sessions, the goal itself took a big hit as dine-in was halted as the pandemic rages on.

With three branches available, #WeiTian resumed its operation and pressed on despite the pandemic as they receive tremendous support from their team members; and they do aim to spread the joy of some authentic dessert to warm the hearts of the customers. #WeiTian has always maintained the culinary method of having less-sugar in their traditional dessert, thus allowing the high quality materials used in the cooking to actually shine. 

One notable dessert that’s available: Peach Gum with Gum Tragacanth, is a rare sight even among traditional dessert stores as it requires attentive processing over a long period of time due to the elements of its raw materials, and it is available at WeiTian with its full glory preserved. With a centralized kitchen operating method, along with tightened control, the quality of the dessert is definitely well-assured.


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