A True Sandwich to your Heart’s Desire.


A drowsy morning paired with a cup of coffee on one hand and a supreme sandwich on the other, now that’s more like a good kick start of the day. And to have that impeccably exquisite sandwich as forementioned, you would need to visit Do Your Own Bread.


A stall amidst the bustling corner in the heart of Sri Petaling area, Do you Own Bread, as its name suggests, allows you to literally ‘do’ your own sandwich. Not technically from dough, no, but to customize the ingredients on each sandwich that you truly desire. Want to go all Vege? By all means, do so. Or maybe you’re more of a Carnivore? Go for the meat! Perhaps you just want a crazy big jumbo? You can have ALL stuffed into your sandwich, no problem! 


Do Your Own Bread allows you to truly make your own sandwich. And mind you, if you are familiar with Stephen Chow’s classic funny gags (which sadly cannot be conveyed here by using English language), you’d find the menu quite…interesting.


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