Good Food makes a Good Life.


As delicacy and healthy lifestyle came into limelight, the idea of light and simple food has become a dominant preference; for one, people no longer just care about filling up an empty stomach, but more on what’s in each meal, and how it tastes.


Jēn, prioritizing on the idea of simple and healthy food, creates handmade signature pastries, pairing with roasted chicken, chicken floss or a simple egg. Despite being like a simple combination of a dish, each bite still packs a punch in terms of taste and filling.


Meanwhile, Jēn had innovated the well-known Nasi Lemak by discarding the coconut milk as required in the traditional way, and thus, created Nasi Tak Lemak. Pairing with the usual Sambal, peanuts and anchovies, the supreme taste of Nasi Lemak still stands, while at the same time, eliminating the high calories of the original ones, which shall ultimately help the customers to enjoy local cuisine in a healthier way.


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