Loving the Bagel straight from the first bite!

What’s that round pastry, some kind of donut? That’s the first impression for most common folks when they see a bagel. But no, that ain’t true. A bagel varies from a donut from head to toes (or should we say, from its taste to its baking process?). With less sugar and less oil used during its baking process, a bagel gives a better bite, and does a better job to fill up one’s stomach. As it is considered as a healthier alternative, Bagel has been widely popularized in recent years.


Day9 Kitchen was established by a pair of companions who simply love bagels. With plain bagels as a base, pairing up with different cooking materials and toppings, the bagels from Day9 Kitchen pack a punch in terms of specialty and also variety. A notable example is their ‘Snowy Mochi Bagel’, a special something that is made by their very own homemade mochi ingredients, it brings the ordinary taste of a bagel to a whole new level. 


Another notable mention is their ‘Bagel Sandwich’, which contains all sorts of fried ingredients and various jam spreads, all personally made by the kitchen itself; it is a clear aim of Day9 Kitchen, whereby the knowledge of the processing and culinary involved in their food shall guarantee the customer’s heart.


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