Natural Herbs are the Healers.


The local Chinese community has a habit of consuming Herbal Teas mainly due to our all-year-long hot and humid environment as well as the fact that most of our food are quite heaty in terms of culinary, which often results in common illness with over-consumption. With such an idea in mind, the appearance of a Herbal Tea that detoxifies the body comes to the rescue. As the ingredients for the said Herbal Tea are easily acquired (such as chrysanthemum flowers, adlay grains and monkfruits), brewing a large pot of Herbal Tea is a common practice in a lot of households. Despite the ease of access, brewing a pot of Herbal Tea takes plenty of time and energy to ensure it tastes just right, and thus comes the rise of a large variety of Herbal Tea Stalls across the country.


It is known that every Herbal Tea shop has their own ‘unique recipe’, differentiated by the variety and combinations of the used herbs. Each recipe comes with different intended healing effects and outcomes. For a Herbal Tea shop that has been running for nearly three decades, Herbal Tea @ Taman Kok Lian has inherited the capability to brew their specialized herbal tea for two generations. Until this very day, they are still serving their very own tasty and authentic Herbal Tea that detoxifies the body of all their customers, both new and regular. For one that seeks a nice and healthy way to detox and de-heat the body, a bottle of sugarless ‘Wong Lou Kat’ herbal tea will definitely work like a charm. Knowing dearly on their customer’s demand, Herbal Tea @ Taman Kok Lian has conducted repackaging on their Herbal Teas, splitting them into various bottles and sizes that fits the customer’s demands while at the same time allowing their beloved customers a chance to enjoy their herbal tea whenever and wherever they are.


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