Now or Never.


Chicken Chop is something you’ll see in literally every Western Menu; it is deemed to be loved by everyone, young and olds alike. Crispy-fried and paired with a variety of sauces, the succulent piece of chicken meat is a charm in every bite.


NON Chicken Chop Rice rises during the pandemic season, as the owner had some changes in career pathway, he decided to start afresh from this beloved food. NON – abbreviated from ‘Now or Never’, is a solid signification of the hardened determination that leads to the start of this business.


As the name suggested, NON Chicken Chop Rice specialised in Chicken Chops, and by pairing it with various burgers, fries or even rice, various set meals emerged from these combinations. Besides Chicken Chops, NON Chicken Chop Rice features their own-made Burger patties, made out from the specially selected meat from drumsticks! Thick and succulent, it is indeed a charm in every bite!


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