Renowned taste of the North.


As a part of ‘Malaysia’s national delicacy’, the ‘laksa’ across the nation has its own variation as per their states. Some would like the spicy Curry Laksa from the south, while others prefer the sour ones from Klang Valley. Did you know that there’s a special taste of laksa from the Northern part of Malaysia as well? 


Should you browse the Facebook review of KIM Siam Lemak Laksa, you’d find tons of positive reviews on their Northern Laksa. While Kim Laksa was newly established, the questioning raised eyebrows and also curiosity of the foodies were, in time, successfully sated after tasting the supreme taste of such a fantastic variant of laksa.


What’s worth mentioning is that the owner of Kim Laksa will get his very own ‘Laksa Noodle’ all the way from his hometown in Kedah. In contrast with the Laksa noodles in Selangor, which are a lot more chewy, the Laksa Noodles from Kedah are smooth and silky, making every bite easier and with every swallow, makes a person happier. Tagged along are the fantastic Sardine meat, coconut milk, laksa flower, lemongrass and numerous other authentic ingredients, they make a great fish-soup after long hours of shimmering. Once completed, these soups, paired with the outstanding Laksa Noodles, make a bowl of Laksa like you’d never tasted before, and will definitely make you want more.


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