Soup that Warm your Heart.


This is a fast-paced era that prompts everything to be quick, including the meals searched by the hungry bellies. A specialty soup that needs both time and care has become quite hard to come by, the last time you have it would probably be way back at home? Worry not, the saviour is here!

ZhuJi focuses on Soup-based cuisine that pairs with your everyday home based congee that will definitely remind you of home. From the Pepper Pork Belly Soup to the Chicken Herbal Soup, each and every one of them are being personally cooked by the owner himself over slow heat and his warm heart; insisting on the lesser use of artificial ingredients to keep the taste authentic and the health of his customers well, just like a mother always did.

If you are bored by the never-changing outside meal that you have now, come and take a look at ZhuJi Spicy Soup! A pot of superb soup paired with your choice or rice or congee, you will feel the warmth with every sip.


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