Traditional Food, modernized yet authentic. 


“Jom Cendol”, translated as “Let’s go for Cendol”, sends a colloquial invitation to everyone to enjoy the taste of authenticity traditional food that paired with a sprinkle of modernization. The term ‘Cendol’ may bring an image of some pushcart vendors parked somewhere around a bustling street; the environment and hygiene is definitely within question. Where can you enjoy a nice bowl of Cendol with both desirable taste and environment? Jom Cendol it is!


Setting the scene that is familiar to the Malaysians, Jom Cendol adopted the concept of a kiosk-like pushcart style interior design while adding a modern minimalist twist with a strong Jom Cendol identity design. It is simple, it is clean, it is how you modernize an old concept.


While being in there, you must not miss their signature Cendol Gula Melaka, the shaved ice with Red Bean and coconut milk mixed with authentic sugar palm. If you are looking forward to fill up your tummy instead of a dessert, the Nyonya Laksa that has thicker and creamier coconut milk-based broth would be your dining companion. Or maybe you are into some other local dessert? Jom Cendol takes pride in their Fruit Rojak that has a special sauce inherited from a Penang Rojak Founder for more than 15 years of history, making it a supreme version of a Rojak. If you are looking for a caffeine pick-me-up, the Signature Nanyang Coffee that is brewed using high quality charcoal roasted bean is definitely a fantastic choice.


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