Warmth amidst the pavement grey.


We all have that little dream of owning a Café, well, more or less, at least.


A personally preferred decorations, along with a menu that has been personally handpicked, with the aroma of coffee and dessert saturated within the confined place, as well as the occasional chat with the loyal customers; this is actually a dream scenario that may not be easy to come by within the in a reality where cafes are littered all over a city. The attraction point of a long-lasting café way exceeds the mere basic factor of some nice coffee, food and environment; the personnel who works in the café, that’s what really matters.


6 Yi Café has been serving a large variety of customers from various social circles, and has been a popular spot for leisure gatherings. Throughout the café is packed with treasures handpicked by the owner herself, with the grand example as signed booklets of well-known artists and some limited-edition literatures, all provided for free to browse through for their customers, providing them an eventful and meaningful visit.


As for the menu, it’s some taste that evokes the memory of home: Luncheon Meat, Dried Radish, Spicy Minced Pork, you name it. Despite not having some extravagant culinary methods, the food items are all cooked with utmost care, and thus, shall definitely get the customers to remain close at heart.


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