Warmth through all Ups and Downs.


The fusion between the ingredients from Southeast Asia and Cantonese Culinary skills has brought forth some fantastic cuisines that are well-known to us all, like Claypot Salted-Fish-Pork, Nyonya Asam Fishes and Bentong Ginger Vermicelli. These are all the byproducts of the exquisite combination of ingredients and ideology from both communities, merged into one and had entered our daily lives without us knowing its roots.

Local Chinese have the habit of ‘Ordering Dishes’ during various gathering occasions, be it at a wedding, a family reunion or just a simple meetup. It is on these occasions that Chinese Cuisine is popularly called upon. However, as the pandemic raged on and dining in had been long restricted, Chinese Restaurants had to take a step to improvise from the usual dine-in-gatherings to online deliveries; an action commonly known as ‘Offline to Online’, and it has definitely bring forth a new path of light.

Canton Kitchen, as a prime example, had been establishing various services to sustain their business online. From Home Meal, to RTE (Ready-To-Eat) Frozen Food, to Luv post-pregnancy meals that prioritizes the uses of Bentong Ginger, Canton Kitchen had managed to explore a Silk Road of their own and gotten various groups of customers. As technology grows, it allows a long-established brand such as Canton Kitchen to reach new customers, and thus, growing the exposure of the fantastic Cantonese-Fusion cuisine. Be it Offline or Online, the cuisine remained true through all Ups and Downs.


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